Sneak Peeks

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Wicked Change

Book Six in the Beneath the Veil Series will be available on Amazon February 13th, 2015. Just in time for Valentine's Day!

     As a wereferret, Wheeler's chief pleasures in life have always been napping and being sneaky. But things have changed since the Sodalitas came out of the closet and lifted the Veil between the monsters and mortals. Now he's developed two new obsessions: stealing cars, and stalking Sophie.

     Sophie is fully aware of Wheeler's strange penchant for spying; she can sense when someone is looking at her, a gift she received when the Veil lifted. And with the new Eyenet system of cameras that the Sodalitas installed throughout the  realm, Wheeler can (and does, weirdo...) watch Sophie's movements day and night.

     But a warning that Sophie's life is in danger sets Wheeler on a mission to save his dearest love...whether she likes it or not.

    Sophie believes that she can take care of herself. Something that she's proven time and again since going on the run a year ago. So what if it requires more than a little thievery to make ends meet? If that Hood character could get a gold star in the history books for robbing the rich to feed the poor then so should Sophie, because she was dirt poor at the moment.

    Eventually Wheeler's gift at hacking the Eyenet proves too valuable a tool to pass up in Sophie's quest to end the threat against her and her mother. But things get complicated when the Queen of Fairy takes an interest in the pair and Sophie's true nature is revealed.

     Wheeler is offering Sophie a new life with him in the passionate night world, but the cost of losing her mother forever in exchange may prove too dear a price to pay.

     Eternal love hangs in the balance as Sophie fights to hang on to all that she holds dear.